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Infused with Vitamin E and watermelon extract for their moisturising and protecting properties, leaving your skin looking and feeling golden. This lightweight and classic tanning mousse has a juicy watermelon scent and tailors to your individual skin tone.


As the UK’s favourite and most trusted self tanning brand, we’re on a mission to get everyone glowing with confidence. At St.Tropez, we believe the way your favourite fake tan makes you feel is just as important as how that tan makes you look.

Tan Luxe

With the latest in superior tanning technology and high performing natural skincare ingredients, you can glow with confidence by simply applying a few self tan drops directly to skin or diluting.

About St Tropez

At St.Tropez (say it with us – SAN-TRO-PAY) we are proud to be the OG of tanning, continuously setting the self tanning bar for an effortless sunless glow that fits seamlessly into your skincare routine.

We’re proud to be the go-to brand for millions worldwide looking to glow with confidence from the inside out.