Dermalogica Oil To Foam Total Cleanser 250ml

The Dermalogica Oil To Foam Total Cleanser is a multifunctional skincare product designed to simplify the cleansing routine. This cleanser serves as both a makeup remover and a cleanser. Initially, it presents as a gel-oil infused with Sea Buckthorn Oil, capable of dissolving makeup, sebum, and sunscreen upon application. When water is introduced, the gel-oil transforms into a foam, effectively removing remaining impurities.

Notably, the cleanser contains plant-derived prebiotics, which contribute to deep cleansing while maintaining the skin's natural balance. This ingredient promotes skin softness and smoothness.

The product's dual-action formula aims to streamline skincare routines by eliminating the need for multiple cleansing steps. By thoroughly cleansing the skin and preparing it for subsequent skincare products, it offers a practical solution for individuals seeking efficient skincare solutions.