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Sensitivity: genetic or environmental?

A true sensitive skin condition is caused by a genetic predisposition, commonly found in those who have very fair skin and usually of Northern European ancestry. This could be caused by the lower amount of pigment and a thinner epidermal skin layer (the epidermal layer is the top layer of skin we can see). 

Sensitized skin can affect any person of any racial background or skin color. Symptoms for sensitive and sensitized skin do have a lot in common (itching, burning, redness, flushing and stinging), but in many cases, sensitized skin can’t be seen by the naked eye, as it resides much deeper. And, our microclimate, or the climate we are exposed to in our home, cars, offices and during air travel, changes daily; meaning our level of sensitization can vary.

Proper diagnosis of a sensitive or sensitized skin condition is critical to proper treatment. Consult a professional skin therapist to determine the source of your skin’s sensitivity.