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Do Your Laundry Habits Affect Your Skin?

There’s no shortage of myths when it comes to acne. Cut through the rumors and understand the facts to further your understanding of how to keep skin clear.  

Myth 1: A blackhead is actually dirt inside the pore.
FALSE!  Blackheads, known as open comedones, are simply whiteheads that have reached the skin’s surface, triggering oxidization upon contact with air. Oxidization makes the comedone change/darken in color (think how an apple turns brown after it’s been cut).

Myth 2: Sugary, refined foods contribute to acne.
This is actually a misinterpretation – these foods don’t directly cause acne, but they do feed the breeding ground for acne by exacerbating sebum production. Speak to your professional skin therapist to find out if your oil production is being triggered by specific food intake.

Myth 3: Sunscreens increase oil production and feed acne bacteria.
FALSE. Speak with your professional skin therapist about new, sophisticated formulations that provide sun protection with skin care benefits, including oil control and minimization of bacteria.

Myth 4: Stay away from fabric softeners.
TRUE! Try to stay away from use of fabric softeners on sheets and pillowcases. Beef lard and fragrance are the main ingredients, and they’ll coat your skin!