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New Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum - Everything You Need to Know

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum - Everything You Need to Know

Welcome beautiful people! If you're looking for a little something extra to ramp up your skincare routine, then it's time to get excited! Dermalogica has just released its latest skin-transforming product - Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum.

Fast acting and effective on the skin, this powerhouse product is perfect if you want fast, visible results. Packed full of skin-enhancing ingredients that help provide an indulgent and luxurious experience, this serum is a must-have for any mature skin who wants to see a real difference. So, keep reading as we unpack all that this amazing new serum has to offer!

So, let’s start with the big question… Exactly what is retinol and why is it so good for our skin?
Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that can be applied to the skin topically and provides a whole heap of benefits such as visibly reducing signs of ageing as well as helping to clear acne – its no wonder it has been topping the recommendation lists of dermatologists, celebrities, and our community here at UK Beauty Club.

The Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum by Dermalogica has combined the power of retinol along with other skin-nurturing ingredients such as squalene and beta-glucan to create a truly remarkable serum that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Let’s break down the ingredients of the formula and see exactly what it can do for our skin.

• Granactive Retinoid®: A derivative of vitamin A that helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines.
• Retinol: A form of vitamin A that supports cell turnover
• Squalane: A natural moisturising agent and antioxidant
• Beta-Glucan: A polysaccharide that attracts moisture to the skin

A few tips to keep in mind when using this product and how to use it -

After cleansing, apply a thin layer over face. Keep out of eyes. Use nightly and follow with your Dermalogica prescribed moisturiser for professional results. Wear an SPF during the day. If dryness or redness occurs, reduce frequency.

Use 2 times a week, a few days apart, for the first 2 weeks, applying only at night. Increase to alternate nights for another 2 weeks, building to nightly use. If you have been using a retinoid product comfortably, you may introduce it nightly straight away. During the day, always use SPF to help protect your skin against UV exposure.

All in all, Dermalogica's Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum is sure to become the next big skincare must-have. The combination of retinol, squalene and beta-glucan is powerful and proven to reduce signs of ageing, making you look fresher and more vibrant than ever before. Celebrities swear by it, and dermatologists consistently recommend it, so why not give it a try? With this serum, you can optimise your skin health easily and affordably (at a discounted price of £78.95 to be exact) - what's not to love? You can find it here and see it for yourself!

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