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Glowing Beauty Unveiled: Delilah Makeup Expert James McKnight Shines at UK Beauty Club Event

Glowing Beauty Unveiled: Delilah Makeup Expert James McKnight Shines at UK Beauty Club Event

UK Beauty Club recently hosted an exclusive MUA event with fabulous makeup artist, James McKnight, in collaboration with Delilah Cosmetics. This special event took place at our UK Beauty Club HQ in Kenilworth, Warwickshire and it was a fantastic experience for all attendees.
During the event, James McKnight showcased the gorgeous range of Delilah cosmetics, demonstrating how these products can transform your look and enhance your natural beauty. Delilah is an ideal brand for those who prefer a light and soft makeup style that enhances your healthy, radiant glow. It's also the perfect choice for those with busy lives who prioritise using vegan and eco-conscious products powered by plant-based ingredients.
As our guests enjoyed some tasty nibbles and a glass of bubbly, James worked his magic, revealing the secrets behind achieving a gorgeous, glowing look with just a select few Delilah products.
He began by applying the Underwear Primer, a game-changer in preventing makeup from slipping or feeling heavy. This primer also boasts collagen-boosting properties, requiring only a pea-sized amount for a secure makeup grip. For an added radiant base, he recommended mixing in the Pure Light Liquid Radiance, ensuring a beautiful, photogenic finish.
Next, he pampered lips with the Lip Saviour Lip Oil, a super-hydrating formula enriched with castor oil, zinc, argan oil, and shea butter. This lip oil adapts to your pH levels, leaving a subtle tint while keeping your lips plump and kissably soft, without smudging.
James then introduced two different foundation options from Delilah – the Wake-Up Radiant Skin Tint, perfect for a natural, sheer finish, and the Alibi foundation, a lightweight yet full-coverage choice. Using a Full Coverage Foundation Brush for a flawless application, he expertly demonstrated how to achieve a radiant contour by blending the Wake-Up Skin Tint as a liquid bronzer.
For concealing imperfections, he used the Farewell Cream Concealer, a precise chubby pencil for targeted application. James' pro tip involved applying a small amount around the inner and outer eye areas, avoiding the common semi-circle or triangle techniques. He also added a soft line down the centre of the face for optimal light reflection.
The In Bloom Liquid Blush was James' choice for adding a subtle flush of colour. He recommended applying the blush in a "C" shape from the high point of the cheeks to the temple, avoiding the apple of the cheekbones to maintain a lifted appearance.
Before moving on to the Microfine Translucent Powder, he advised allowing the makeup to set on the skin for a few minutes to prevent any patchiness.
Perfectly defined brows were achieved using the Shape Defining Brow Gel, followed by invaluable tips on selecting the right mascara for your lashes. For short lashes, he suggested a long, thin mascara brush like the Intense Mascara, while those with longer lashes seeking volume should opt for a large, thicker brush like the Definitive Mascara.
James concluded the look by applying a nude-y pink lip colour in shade 'Muse' from the Colour Intense Cream Lipstick collection, outlining the lips with liner, and adding a subtle eyeshadow shade from the Stay the Night Shadow Stick Collection.
It was an unforgettable event that left our guests feeling more confident and inspired to embrace their natural beauty with Delilah Cosmetics. We look forward to sharing more beauty insights and exclusive events with our UK Beauty Club community in the future. Watch this space!

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