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Have a read of Color Wow advice when it comes to achieving thicker, fuller, more voluminous hair. There’s nothing us fine, flat, and thinning hair types wouldn’t do to get a little extra oomph. But with so many products out there, finding the best choice for you and your hair can be overwhelming.

But if you want to learn how to add volume to hair, we got you! Check out our guide below for the ultimate volumizing regime, starting with your essential thickening treatment prep step.

All of the products below can build upon each other to create effortless volume. You can use them all or you can just use one… whatever works for you! Plus each formula comes packed with at least 2 (up to 3!) kinds of heat protection for your healthiest, bounciest, glossiest results. Let’s get started!

1. DREAM COCKTAIL CARB-INFUSED: Essential thickening prep step

Carb Cocktail is the ultimate no-brainer prep step to build volume before you even start styling! Formulated with a carb-based complex, this super-charged heat protectant and leave-in treatment plumps and “fills out” each strand as you blow dry for hair that looks naturally fuller. Just add 2-3 pumps to your hair before your regular blow dry routine (requires heat to activate) and watch your hair thicken just like that!

Now that you have a thicker, fuller foundation to work with, you can start building out volume!

When to use: On damp hair before blow drying

2. XTRA LARGE VOLUMIZER: Overall volume + luxe, glossy texture

While Carb Cocktail thickens your actual strands, Xtra Large creates major volume!

Xtra Large is the first ever non-invasive volumizer. It doesn’t use any alcohols, salts or drying resins (like typical formulas), which rough up the cuticle to create volume. Instead, it adds a weightless-yet-bulky polymer blend (fortified by Bamboo) to the surface of hair that helps create bombshell volume while leaving your cuticle intact and healthy!

The result? Instantly thicker, more voluminous hair that’s also soft to the touch, glossy, luxe and bouncy from root to ends… never stiff, sticky or crunchy!

When to use: On damp hair before blow drying or air dryin

3. RAISE THE ROOT: Instant Root Lifting Spray

Need a little lift at the top? Raise the Root is the ultimate insta-lift for big styles. Made with flexible polymers, it acts like a “spring” at your roots to lift your hair off your scalp for a touchable, bouncy finish. Hair never feels sticky, stiff or weighed down, plus its translucent formula will never yellow your color.

It’s also great for touching up flattened second-day hair. Just spray, hit with heat and go!

When to use: On damp hair before heat styling or for a touch up on dry hair.

4. STYLE ON STEROIDS: Long-lasting texture and volume 

Style on Steroids is THE key to making your big, voluminous styles last all day. Uniquely made with moisturizing elastomers, this lightweight spray locks in instant fullness and sexy texture without ever feeling sticky or stiff (for styles that move!). Plus, it won’t leave chalky, white residues behind or glue strands together. Spray and zhuzh and watch that style go big.

When to use: Before heat styling for thermal protection + style memory; After styling as a setting spray.

5. ROOT COVER UP: Perfects and thickens uneven hairlines and bald spots 

There’s nothing worse than styling a thicker, fuller look only to discover you can see your scalp showing through in a few unwanted areas. Thankfully, Root Cover Up provides an instant, no-mess fix.

Use its precision application brush to fill in sparse areas, bald spots or even to bring your hairline down. Its water-proof formula lasts until you shampoo it out, so you never have to worry about it smudging, fading or running down your face (you can even swim in it!). Plus, thanks to 8 multi-dimensional shades, finding your perfect, natural-looking match is super easy. No one will be the wiser!

When to use: The final step in your routine

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