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Christmas Party Hair

Christmas Hairstyles

Got a Christmas party coming up, or just want to try something new this party season? Look no further, we have some wonderful ideas you can try at home. 

Hollywood Wave

Products to help achieve the look:

Create those gorgeous, classy Hollywood waves, perfect for mid-length and longer hair types. Suitable for straight hair or hair with a slight texture or wave as they can be moulded and set with hairspray for a long-lasting finish. The lines across the waves are straight with a high-shine finish. This elegant and sophisticated look won’t go unnoticed!


 Mega Sleek

Products to help achieve the look:

Want sexy, sleek hair for your Christmas party? We have the perfect products for you to create this look that’ll last all night long. Straighten your hair and use a high gloss treatment as well as an anti-humidity spray to prevent frizz and lock in your style.



Products to help achieve the look:

Dreaming of volume for your Christmas look? Well, we have all the products to give you that full and voluminous look you are after! If you want texture, waves, or curls these products will give you a range of fantastic looks.


Slick Back

Products to help achieve the look:

This is so timeless and elegant, it’s an expensive look, that’s not expensive to do. It even lets your party makeup be the star!


Half up Half Down

Products to help achieve the look:

A romantic, sexy look! This hairstyle accentuates the face but is still soft too, and can take you from day to night.


Bubble Braid

Products to help achieve the look:

We love this look, it’s just that bit extra and you can use different bands, glitter, rhinestone or even pearls to glam it up for the evening.



Bun and Fringe Style

Products to help achieve the look:

 If you have long thick hair this bun is so easy, if not then just use a hair doughnut to give volume and some pins to secure it. You can wear this all day wherever you are…. office meetings, lunch out with the girls, evening cocktails or your works party! This is a no-nonsense bun that you don’t need to worry about all day!


We had some fun recreating some of these looks, and some of our own, on each other in the salon...

Waterfall Braid and Curl on Maria

Suitable for most lengths. Leave out the bottom section as you plait, adding in a new section as you go. Curl to finish and add shine spray! 


Big Bouncy Volume on Lesley

Suitable for mid-length or long hair. This can be achieved with rollers or curling iron. Add texture products and root lift for extra volume. Pro-tip, turn your head upside down and shake out curls from the root for that extra volume look.

Twisted Cross Bun on Jess

Suitable for long hair. Leave out two front sections and create a bun at the back. Then twist back the front pieces in small sections crossing them over one another and pin them into the bun.

Mega Sleek on Jess

Blow dry straight with a round brush or paddle. Finish with straighteners and a gloss product. 

Short Hair Barrel Folded Bun on Maria

Suitable for short bob-length hair. Using pins roll and tuck the hair up and over, pinning it in place. You can use your fingers to define the curl. Fold these curls into one another for a fuller-looking finish. Finish with your hairspray of choice. 

If you need any product recommendations, tips or advice feel free to drop us a message. x 

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