The Ultimate Eye Wand

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The Ultimate Eye Wand

The Ultimate Eye Wand

£19.95 £25.00
Product description
Dermalogica Ultimate Eye Wand
Smooth and refresh eye contours with the Dermalogica Ultimate Eye Wand, designed to minimise fatigue and reduce puffiness. The cooling temperature of the wand along with drainage techniques around the eyes will help encourage lymphatic flow to reduce toxic build up which is commonly associated with dark circles and puffiness.

Suitable for all skin types, though particularly effective for those experiencing puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines around the eye area.

Key benefits
1. Instantly minimises signs of eye fatigue and puffiness
2. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
3. Enhances the action of eye treatments
4. Soothes skin irritation
5. The cooling roller applicator is perfectly shaped for the eye contour

How to use
The eye wand can be used before or after eye product application.
Glide the eye wand under and over the eye area, following the orbital bone, moving from the inner corner out towards the temple.
Use a light to medium pressure and repeat drainage movements at least 3 times.
Use the ball end point to work pressure points along the eyebrow to reduce tension and fatigue.
Rinse wand thoroughly with water after each use and dry with clean tissue or cloth.
Do not use any harsh chemicals.
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