St. Tropez Purity Vitamin Mist 200ml

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St. Tropez Purity Vitamin Mist 200ml

St. Tropez Purity Vitamin Mist 200ml

£26.50 £31.00
Product description

St. Tropez purity vitamin mist 200ml

Clear, rinse-free self tan mist
The innovative St.Tropez purity mist can effortlessly spray and blend for on-the-go application that is quick-drying and non-sticky. Energise with a tropical scent and long-lasting glow.

Skin nurturing formula
Help stimulate Vitamin D production and boost moods with Sunshine Complex™, promoting the benefits of summer sun without harmful UV rays. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and Vitamin C brightens, combining skincare with a beautiful bronze self tan. With a vegan formula with 95% naturally derived ingredients.

Easy, spray application
After exfoliating, evenly spray across the body before massaging in. You can reapply a couple of times a week without the delay of waiting for the product to develop or the clean-up of rinsing a coloured mist.

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