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Et al.

Discover our new beauty brand that’s fit for royalty!

We're thrilled to announce that the luxurious cosmetic beauty brand et al. is now available  here at UK Beauty Club. Recommended by make-up artist to A-listers and royals, Hannah Martin and known for their high-quality, innovative, and cruelty-free products, et al. has gained a reputation in the beauty industry for their luxurious yet affordable products. Whether you're looking for a glowing complexion, a hydrating face mist or a long-lasting foundation, et al. has got you covered. We're excited to bring this prestigious brand to our gorgeous customers, and we're confident that you'll love their range as much as we do.


et al. is a cosmetic brand that does more. More inclusivity, more planet positivity, more skincare science and more of the joy of make-up. This environmentally charged brand has packaging that is produced with the planet in mind, from their home compostable cases for their refills, to the vegetable inks used to print their cartons. et al. may be new to the scene but has already gained the trust of industry leading make-up artists such as Hannah Martin, Justine Jenkins and Francesca Abrahamovitch.


We’ve collected some top tips from the experts on how to create a flawless make-up base yourself using a selection of their products.


  1. Using the Buffing Brush designed to distribute make-up products smoothly and evenly, blend a small amount of the Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation (formulated with Skincare Actives that help to nourish and protect skin) across your complexion.
  2. Next, apply the Complexion Glow – a multi-purpose palette designed to enhance and radiate your complexion whilst providing skin soothing benefits, sweeping upwards to the highest area of the cheekbones.
  3. Finally, set your beautiful look with the 3-in-1 Face Mist, a multi-tasking face mist that hydrates skin, sets make up and protects skin from environmental aggressors.

In conclusion, the beauty company et al. has emerged as a trailblazer in the industry by prioritizing sustainability and inclusivity. The brand has taken steps to minimize its environmental footprint and promote ethical practices across all stages of its product lifecycle. Moreover, et al. is committed to fostering an inclusive culture where all skin tones and types are embraced and celebrated. This approach has won the hearts of many makeup artists and industry leaders who have already implemented et al. products into their professional kits. By choosing et al., consumers can not only enhance their beauty but also contribute to the greater good of the planet and society as a whole.

You can discover the range at UK Beauty Club here.

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